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casa rugs produces natural, hand-knotted silk and wool rugs and carries out flexible custom-made solutions in cooperation with interior architects, designers and private customers.

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Natural silk

cocoon silk is known as the most luxurious material, which is very thin and suitable for making very small and dense patterns. the silk is obtained from a cocoon of silkworms, the unwinding of which produces a very long silk fiber.



bamboo plant fibers are very long and strong. with a special treatment and mixing with viscose, a yarn can be spun that is shiny like cocoon silk. due to the uneven color of the bamboo yarn, the result is an earthy finish that shows interesting tonal variations.



is known for its silky softness and brilliance. viscose, often referred to as artificial silk, is an affordable substitute for pure silk. luxurious and soft for touch under the foot. although viscose is beautiful, it is delicate but carpet fibers can easily shred. not recommended for use in humid environments.


New Zealand wool

is, of course, the whitest wool fiber, which provides exceptional color depth and clarity while dyeing, while providing economy, longevity and well-being. luxurious, durable, naturally elastic and stain resistant. provides excellent sound insulation.

caring & cleaning

daily cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is necessary for every rug, and the vacuum cleaner could be used at a lower capacity. periodic dry cleaning is also recommended.

Wool rugs

in the case of wool rugs, loose yarn fibers may appear on the surface of the rug – this is natural and does not indicate premature wear of your rug. loose yarn fibers can be vacuumed. it is important to act quickly to remove stains. if liquid gets on the rug, remove it with a dry cloth or clean cloth.

Silk rugs

the carpet should be vacuumed regularly. stains should be immediately soaked with a clean towel. silk is a delicate material that should be cleaned with rug cleaning foam (shampoo and water). after drying, it is advisable to vacuum the dried yarn fibers in the same direction as the whole rug.

Viscose rugs

viscose rugs can release loose fibers at the beginning, but this is normal and natural. the higher fibers can be removed by cutting with scissors. do not brush or whisk viscose rugs as they do not love wet or damp! use the vacuum cleaner at low power.